NORMAN, Oklahoma - Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn announced there will be no charges filed against OU running back Rodney Anderson.

Anderson,  was accused of rape, according to court documents filed by a Norman woman on Dec. 4. Mashburn will announce at 2 p.m. whether Anderson will be charged with any crime.

In a VPO request filed by the woman, she said she recently remembered Anderson sexually assaulting her after an encounter in mid-November.

Anderson's attorney said Anderson "did not nor would he ever force himself on any woman." He continues, "the woman attempted to pursue a relationship with Anderson and the claims surfaced only after he did not reciprocate a desire to pursue a relationship."

During Thursday's press conference, DA Mashburn along with First Assistant Susan Caswell determined, "criminal charges were not warranted". 

Anderson's attorney sent News 9's Caleigh Bourgeois the following statement after Anderson was cleared of charges: 

“We appreciate the comprehensive investigation by the Norman Police Department, and the District Attorney's thorough consideration of the evidence. The investigation reveals what we have maintained, Mr. Anderson is innocent of these allegations. Mr. Anderson and his family are very much looking forward to a final resolution so that they can put this matter behind them and Mr. Anderson can focus on his obligations as a student-athlete.”