OKLAHOMA CITY - A man with a lengthy violent past is found guilty of a deadly 2016 stabbing.

Merwin Hill, 63, testified during the trial and said he was defending himself from his ex-girlfriend, Raelyn Grant.

Prosecutors told the court Hill threatened to kill his on-again, off-again girlfriend only weeks before she was stabbed to death.

The victim's daughter Michael Berryhill said her mother was fearful of Hill and would never hurt anyone.

“Not just because she was mom,” said Berryhill. “She was one of the kindest people I have ever encountered in my life.”  

That's likely what drew Hill to 54-year-old woman. Hill testified during the trial that he and Grant would be together forever even though she was trying to distance herself after he threatened her a number of times.

“She was fearful,” said Berryhill. “She was very fearful of him.”

Hill also testified that the day Grant was stabbed to death he was defending himself. He told the court he snapped and punched Grant in the face, but blacked out and does not remember stabbing her.

Grant died from three stab wounds to her back.

“To see the damage and the harm he did to my mom was gut wrenching,” said Berryhill. “My heart felt like it was going to explode.”  

His attorneys claim Hill had PTSD from his military days and asked the jury to consider manslaughter.

In closing arguments, prosecutors brought up Hill's violent criminal history and the many times he threatened his former girlfriend.

It took the jury two hours to come back with a guilty verdict and recommend Hill serve life in prison without parole.

“There are no words,” said Berryhill. “Justice was served for my mom and for anybody that has been impacted by that man. Justice has been served and we are so thankful.”

Hill was also found guilty of stealing the victim's car after the deadly stabbing. He will be sentenced later this month.