YUKON, Oklahoma - A lawn care employee is caught keying a Yukon man's SUV and it started because of a front yard.

Recently, a TruGreen employee visited Buddy Corbin to spray his yard but Corbin says he never ordered it so he never paid for it. Corbin then told the man he wasn't supposed to be there but the worker insisted TruGreen had a contract to treat that lawn.

Corbin shared home security footage with News 9 and it clearly shows the TruGreen truck parked right outside the home.

Corbin went back inside and watched the man pace around his driveway. When he went back outside, Corbin found a giant scrape down the side of his GMC Yukon.

Corbin called the company and they promised the employee would be fired and that everything would be taken care of. A manager even visited Corbin's home to watch the surveillance footage. But that was two weeks ago and TruGreen has yet to contact Corbin to assure him they have kept their word.