PAULS VALLEY, Oklahoma - Once or twice a week, for a couple of hours at a time, wherever he can get permission, Scottie Trejo takes out his metal detector, hoping to hear it sing.

He said he's in it for the hunt and the history behind each discovery.

“Everything in the past leads us up to where we are today,” Trejo said.

He holds on to most of what he’s unearthed-- coins from a hundred years ago, or silverware from someone's dinner table, dating back decades.

In February, while Walnut Street near Bert Avenue was being resurfaced, he found something else.

“Just so happened to get lucky enough to run across the signal and dug it up and there it was,” Trejo told News 9.

It's a Garvin County Sheriff's Office seal.

Trejo passed it on to the Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

Sheriff Rhodes was excited to receive the donation. He said he thinks it may have been used to certify documents moving through the sheriff's office before 1950. 

“You can only imagine who may have used it – could’ve been the staff, it could’ve been the chief deputy back in the day, it could have been the sheriff himself,” Sheriff Rhodes said.

And eventually it'll be on display, so everyone can enjoy Scottie's find and understand a little more about the county's history. 

“We are proud of our history here and we would like to show it off to the citizens of Garvin County," he said.

If you know anything about the seal or have a document it was used on, the Garvin County Sheriff would like to hear from you