OKLAHOMA CITY - More than a $100,000 worth of classic automobiles were the target of thieves in south Oklahoma City over the weekend.  

They took them from the garage of a large home off SW 104 and Pennsylvania Avenue.  

Gary King owns a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Roadster and a 1955 GMC First Series pickup that were two of three vehicles stolen.  

The thieves also trashed the home, that used to belong to his mother- and father-in-laws, Dan and Bonnie Sheaffer.

Dan Sheaffer was founder of Crossroads Cathedral at SE 89 and S Shields in Oklahoma City.  

He was also a popular evangelist who was known worldwide. He and his wife died in 2010.

King said he struggles with understanding why the thieves trashed the house.

“It’s just made a horrible mess for not reason that I can see, because there just doesn’t seem like they had an agenda … or there were a lot of them,” he said.