OKLAHOMA CITY - A traffic stop took a dangerous turn for several Oklahoma City Police officers earlier this month. Now, investigators believe the officers were targeted.

Five people are now charged with attempting to shoot and kill police on December 8.

Court documents say the officers pulled over Tavone Payne that night. When they walked to the window, he was on his phone. An officer said he overheard Payne trying to get someone else to come to the traffic stop. Then, four men opened fire on the officers.

The officers believe they were being ambushed and the suspect was attempting to get them killed. At one point, Payne took off running and was able to get away.

News 9 cameras were the only ones there just after it happened.

According to police documents, officers ducked behind their squad cars as bullets struck the sides. One shot grazed an officer who later found a bullet trapped inside his jacket pocket.

Police have arrested all five suspects believed to be involved in the shooting - Tavone Payne, Donye Smiley, Trent Colbert, Marcus Robertson and Samuel Carolina. All five are currently in jail and have long criminal histories. They have been charged with multiple felonies, including four counts of shooting with an intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a felony.