WARR ACRES, Oklahoma - Pro-life legislators in Oklahoma pledge to pay particular attention to the metro’s newest abortion clinic.

Planned Parenthood has several clinics in the metro. On Tuesday, its first in the state to provide abortions opened on NW 63rd in Warr Acres.

In July, Planned Parenthood Great Plains merged with the Central Oklahoma branch and pledged to open an abortion clinic in the metro.

“94% of Oklahoma counties are without an abortion provider,” said Planned Parenthood CEO Laura McQuade.

McQuade claims abortions make up only 10% of the services that will be provided at the new facility.

“We have been weathered the political storm,” said McQuade

Oklahoma State Senator Greg Treat said he’ll be paying close attention to how the facility operates.

“You can no longer hide saying that you are for women’s health,” said Sen. Treat about Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Treat’s recent legislation that would have preserved fetal tissue for mothers under 15 years old in order to better prosecute rape cases, was thrown out by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in October.

“We will continue at every stretch to protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Sen. Treat.

“In Oklahoma, they have been coming after us for years and we are still here and we are still providing services,” said McQuade.

The Warr Acres facility is the second abortion clinic to open in the metro in the past three months.

The South Wind Women’s Center at Blackwelder Ave. and SW 44th opened in mid-September.