OKLAHOMA CITY - News 9 now has the most advanced dual pol weather radar in the world.

"That's the important thing for the viewer is they want to know when it's getting to my house," said Steve Bray, Baron Meteorologist.

Now with our new NextGen Live radar, we can give you a more accurate picture of what's coming your way.

"It's a high resolution radar, you can have scanning speeds up to six rpm, so you can do a scan in every 30 seconds or so if needed in special weather conditions," said John Ellis, Baron Program Manager.

In recent years, Baron Services upgraded all of the National Weather Service radars to dual pole radars, but our NextGen live radar will be superior in many ways.

"You're getting twice as good a resolution with this radar, breaks down to nearly street level with your radar, being able to track at street level," said Bob Dreisewerd, Baron Chief Development Officer.

Not only does NextGen Live have dual pol, two beams of energy scanning for storms, it's the most powerful dual pol radar here in Oklahoma, operating on one million watts of power.

"It will help you to find even further where that dangerous weather event is in relation to your viewers," said Dreisewerd.

And the speed of our radar surpasses any others in Oklahoma. Other televisions stations here have to wait, at times, more ten minutes to see the National Weather Service Dual Pol radar data. Ours is instant, live with no delay, when seconds matter.

"We feel like we have really made a difference in the level of safety across the United States when it comes to severe weather warnings and giving people the ability to really make a decision to take action and save their lives," said Kim Grantham, Baron VP of Marketing.