MOORE, Oklahoma - Moore police moved quickly to debunk a so-called "clown threat" Tuesday morning. 

Police say they received an Instagram post that claimed Highland East Junior High School was in danger of violence at the school. 

Moore police say a quick investigation by one of their detectives late Monday and early Tuesday revealed the threat was actually aimed at a high school in Wichita, Kansas, but it lacked any merit. 

Highland East 8th grade student Matt Winders told News 9 some of his fellow students were on edge when they got to school. 

His parents, Matt and Misty Winders, said they appreciate the police department getting to the bottom of it quickly. 

However, Misty Winders said because of the volume of threats that have been popping up all over the country, she’s concerned a credible threat may at some point fall through the cracks.

“Because there’s been so many false alarms I just don’t think people take it serious when they should,” she said. 

Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said police take all threats seriously. 

“There are all kinds of reasons why you need to look at your kid’s social media,” he said. 

An Edmond Public Schools spokesperson sent News 9 an email late Tuesday afternoon that says some of their students have received similar “clown threats” via social media, but none have proven credible.