Seminole, Oklahoma - Seminole city leaders are hoping to historic building lost in a fire Sunday morning are rebuilt in their same location downtown.

“It’s mostly a mental impact,” said Seminole City Manager Steve Saxon.

Five historic buildings were lost in the fire. One was Parks Drug. The drug store and soda shop closed more than a decade ago, but the place is remembered fondly by neighbors.

“It made me sad when it went down,” said Tommy Martin.

Many neighbors have taken to Facebook of post pictures on the popular soda shop. The other four buildings were used by furniture store Curry Hardin for storage. The company doesn’t yet have a plan moving forward, but it does say it needs another storage area.

Saxon hopes owners can do what Sherwin William did in 2012 when fire destroyed its building right next to the sight of Sunday’s fire.

Sherwin William stayed downtown and rebuilt directly across the street.

“That’s exactly the pattern we’d like to have followed,” said Saxon.