SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - According to published reports, the city of Shawnee has requested the disposal of two animal shelter gas chambers. News 9 tried talking with the city manager, but he refused to answer any questions about when or how much it will cost on camera.

The Shawnee Animal Shelter wouldn’t answer any questions either.  The shelter has been the subject of a number of protests over the years for euthanizing strays after just a couple of days and because of the gas chamber.  Oklahoma is one of only eight states that still use them and the Shawnee shelter is one of the last ones here to do away with it.

"Great news,” said Abby Wolfe with the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, “We’re so pleased to hear that Shawnee has done away with the gas chamber and are moving to more humane solutions for euthanasia."  

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society, a no-kill facility, rescues animals from kill facilities like the Shawnee Animal Shelter.  They say gassing animals is cruel. 

"There are many ways to euthanize an animal that is a humane way including tranquilizing an animal before it happens so that they're not experiencing pain, said Wolfe.

The city won’t say when the gas chamber will be destroyed, but the city manager says there is a process they have to go through.