OKLAHOMA CITY - About 450,000 gallons of high-ethanol gasoline was mistakenly distributed to more than 100 gas stations in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas prompting a massive recall. But if you pumped some of the gas into your car don’t panic.

At Beck’s Garage in Oklahoma City, they’ve talked down a few customers who were worried about running the high-ethanol gas.

"It’s not something that's going to cause any adverse effects. Whenever this passes, just go back to your regular gasoline and you'll be fine,” said owner Jeff Beck.

With regular use, high ethanol fuel can damage plastic and rubber parts not made to handle it. According to the State’s Corporation Commission, Magellan Midstream Partners distributed the gas between August 23 and August 29. The blend could have contained as much as 30-percent ethanol.

"They came up with a worst case scenario to try to figure out how bad could it really be,” said Matt Skinner with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. “And so that's a hypothetical number in a worst possible case."

In most cases, the high ethanol gas would have been added to lower ethanol gas diluting the ethanol.

“At this point, we can say we have no complaints that we can trace back to the bad gas issue."

The recalled gas could have an effect on smaller engines, like lawnmowers or weed eaters. A spokesman for Magellan says if you have problems with your car or other engines that you think might be tied to the recalled gas, contact the gas station where you bought it. They say they’ll take care of any legitimate claims. 

Experts say even with a tankful of the recalled gas you shouldn’t see any long term problems.

"If you happen to catch a tankful here or there once in a while I wouldn't be too concerned at all,” said Beck. "Don’t freak out. Keep your shirt on."