OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin spoke about her Oklahoma roots and the American dream during the Republican National Convention, Thursday night. Thursday is the final night of the RNC in Cleveland where Donald Trump was set to give his nomination acceptance speech.

In the speech, Fallin talked about the state of the American dream, traditional Republican values and why she supports Trump.

She spoke for about seven minutes, but the speech provided by Fallin’s office runs just over three minutes, according to News 9 scripting software.

The theme for the final night of the RNC is “Make American One Again,” a culminating end to the convention which was aimed at uniting the GOP around Donald Trump despite protestors, prominent no-shows and a speech by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in which he told booing and disgruntled delegates to vote their conscience.

Fallin endorsed Trump in May after Cruz dropped out of the primary race. Fallin held off endorsing during the primaries in an effort to “not sway voters,” according to a source close to the governor.

“I know that our nation wants a change,” Fallin told the Associated Press after endorsing Trump. “Trump has led a movement across our nation that will cause that change to happen, so I’m 100 percent behind him.”

Fallin was also on several short lists for Trump’s Vice presidential pick because of her time in House of Representatives and executive experience, although it was never clear if she had been formally vetted by the campaign. Trump eventually chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) as a running mate.

She also met with Trump in New York City with several other Republican governors weeks before the convention started about what a president could do for states according to a statement from her office.