GARVIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Multiple tornadoes touched down across Oklahoma killing at least two people and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

The first twister, moving in an east northeast direction, formed in a rural area just to the east of Elmore City in Garvin County. News 9 Storm Trackers spotted the tornado forming multiple vortices as it made its way across the county.

News 9 Chief Meteorologist David Payne estimates the tornado to be at least an EF-2, or possibly a low end EF-3.

Hail the size of tennis balls have also been confirmed. Multiple homes and structures were damaged or destroyed by the tornado, including some mobile homes and barns. Most of the damage was located in the area of Elmore City, Katie and Wynnewood.

News 9 Storm Tracker Tom Pastrano was on the ground where one home, located near Meridian Rd. and Old Mill Rd., was completely leveled.

The Garvin County Sheriff’s office confirms at least one fatality caused by this storm. According to a report from the Associated Press (AP), an emergency official identified the deceased as an elderly man in his home near Wynnewood.

Family members told News 9 the man killed in Garvin County was Mike Barnes. 

At least three homes were damaged or destroyed by the tornado, Garvin County Emergency Management reported.

A second, even larger tornado then formed to the northwest of Sulphur, Okla. David Payne estimates this tornado to be an EF-4 or possibly larger, moving in the direction of Hickory, Okla. and Roff, Okla.

Authorities shut down Interstate 35, between mile markers 59 and 64, and the Chickasaw Turnpike just east of Sulphur as the storm passes through the area. 

According the Johnston County Emergency Management, several homes and transmission lines were damaged in Johnston County. Johnston County Sheriff John Smith confirmed one fatality. 

Another storm later produced a third tornado just to the northeast of Lake Thunderbird in eastern Cleveland County moving toward western Pottawatomie County.

In northern Oklahoma, another small tornado formed in Payne County to the east northeast of the town of Orlando, Okla., south of Perry, Okla. and just northwest of Stillwater. A waterspout first landed on Lake McMurtry, moving east about five miles north of the Oklahoma State University campus. 

Not long after a second, larger tornado briefly formed with multiple vortices and golf ball size hail just southwest of Morrison, Okla. 

Keep checking with News 9 and for more information.