OKLAHOMA CITY - Flanked by two Oklahoma county deputies, Quinton Laster, 20, stood quietly and stared straight ahead as the judge read the reason he was being held in jail.

Laster stands accused of shooting and beheading his grandmother Sharon Reed, and her husband James Earl Reed in their Northwest Oklahoma City home. He had been living with the couple for the past two years.

News 9 showed a portion of the video arraignment to Brenda Jackson, who is Sharon Reed's sister. She is heartbroken the young man she had just seen on Sunday now stands accused of such a heinous brutal murder.

“Lord have mercy, the blood and stuff, it was terrible,” said Jackson.

She says she even went inside the couple's home on Springwood Drive the day after the murder to see the crime scene for herself.

“And the blood and stuff went all through the rug, just all over the living room,” said Jackson.

She says the living room is where police found the head and body of James Reed. But her sister's body was found in the master bathroom.

“Her head was in the bathroom, and her legs were out,” said Jackson, holding back tears. “I know she was trying to get in the closet to get a gun or something.”

Jackson says there was also blood found in another bathroom inside the house, evidence that Laster tried to cover up his involvement in the crime - before he went over to a neighbor asking for help.

“He took a shower after he killed them,” said Jackson. “He went in and took a shower before he walked out the door.”

Court papers reveal Laster would later confess to police that he was the one responsible for the horrible crime. And today News 9 learned that Laster had a younger brother who was murdered in a drive-by shooting two and a half years ago.

Davion Thompson, 17, was shot and killed July 23, 2013. He was shot while walking down Military Ave. just blocks away from where his grandparents lived. His family says that death had a profound effect on Laster.