CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Cleveland County judge refused to accept the repeated attempts by Alton Nolen to plead guilty to first-degree murder at the behest of Nolen’s attorney.

Nolen is accused of decapitating a former co-worker at Vaughn Foods in Moore in September of 2014. 

Police say Nolen attacked 54-year-old Colleen Hufford with a knife.  And that he also tried to cut 43-year-old Tracy Johnson’s head off as well, however, he was stopped by two bullets from Vaughn Foods’ Chief Operating Officer. 

Judge Lori Walkey entered a “Not Guilty” plea for Nolen Thursday afternoon, despite his protests.

When he was led out of the courtroom, News 9 asked if he had anything to say.  He responded, “I’m not Jesus, I’m the Anti-Christ.”

In court, Nolen also muttered several passages quoting the Muslim religion.