OKLAHOMA CITY - Sentencing for the driver accused of striking and killing Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Nicholas Dees is set for Dec. 17.

Steven Clark admitted he was updating something on social media on his phone just before the crash. 

On Tuesday, a Seminole County judge heard more from witnesses, including some of Dees’ family members and Clark himself.

Investigation into the incident determined that Clark has 49 data transfers, 73 incoming text messages and 67 outgoing text messages during his two-and-a-half-hour drive that ended in the fatal collision. 

Clark told investigators that he has been texting and driving for as long as he has had a license. He also admitted to playing games on his phone, watching movies, reading books and even changing clothes all while driving in the past.

Clark was emotional and apologetic while he was on the stand. He addressed Dees’ family, saying, “My heart is shattered by your loss.”