MOORE, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma City V.A. hospital employee, who’s also an Iraq war veteran, is upset with his landlord about a $250 pet deposit he says he shouldn’t have had to pay. 

Todd Bracelin rescued a dog he named “Davis”, on the brink of death from the shore of the Washita River back in February of 2014.  He said the dog was lost and abandoned, and he took “Davis” in. 

Bracelin said the dog has really helped him deal with the effects of PTSD. 

He said even after he filled out the proper paperwork to get his pet deposit waived three months ago, his landlord with “American Homes 4 Rent” charged him the deposit fee anyway. 

“It’s just their arrogance,” Bracelin said outside the rental home Wednesday afternoon.  “They are the law pretty much, being that big of company.” 

But he believes he has the law on his side.  He says according to the Department of Urban Development, or HUD, his landlord can’t charge that fee. HUD officials have told him they may add him to a class action lawsuit against “American Homes 4 Rent.” 

However, “American Homes 4 Rent” Chief Operating Officer Jack Corrigan told News 9 by phone Wednesday night, he trusts his legal team.

“If something was against the law, we’d discontinue doing it. We intend to and to my knowledge have done our best to make sure we’re in compliance with all the laws in whatever jurisdiction we’re in.”