PONCA CITY, Oklahoma - Friday, Oklahoma City Police identified the man found dead inside a southeast Oklahoma City home as Brendon Jajuan Turner of Ponca City.

Turner’s body was taken to the Medical Examiner’s officer for an autopsy, but the results are still pending.

And all his family wants to know is who did this, and why.

“Why?” said Buddy Dewberry, who says he is a cousin to Brendon Turner through marriage. “Why would someone do that to a young man, he's only 28 years old!”

Dewberry still can't believe his Cousin Brendon, who he knew as Bam, was found murdered in his uncle's home.

“We want to know who did this to Bam and why did they do this to Bam,” said Dewberry. “Because he was a good person. He had a good heart, had a good mind, he had a good head on his shoulders as well - and we're just wondering why?”

Buddy says he's known Brendon ever since he was 10-years-old.

“We grew up together in Ponca City and we have lots and lots of great memories at our family gatherings,” said Dewberry. “So that's all that we have now are those memories of him.”

Dewberry says the family is still in shock over the news. He says Brendon was just helping out his uncle at his home while the uncle was being cared for in the hospital and then a nursing home.

“I saw him every day when he was here,” said Peggy Crabtree, who lives right next door.

She says she didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary that night.

Until police arrived after Turner's aunt found him dead on the floor.

Crabtree says Turner was a good guy.

“He was a sweetheart, a very good sweet person,” said Crabtree.

Dewberry agrees and says the family is still in disbelief over the news of the brutal murder.

Buddy says this is the 3rd time the family has dealt with this kind of tragedy.

“All you can do for them now is just pray for them keep them in your prayers,” said Dewberry.

Right now, police have not released a motive for this murder. But family members tell News 9 Brendon was stabbed multiple times.

Anyone with information that could help this case is urged to call the Oklahoma City Homicide Tipline at (405)297-1200.