YUKON, Oklahoma - A Yukon neighborhood on high alert after thieves target pickups in the area for the second time in a month.

Tuesday morning, the thief struck again and neighbors now believe the man is trying to use a special tool to gain access to the vehicles.

Neighbors suspect the thief is using a device that alters the radio signals that vehicles put out allowing the use keyless fobs to unlock the doors.

He comes over here he tries to open it up and then you see him come over here. You can't that in the camera but looks like he's prying with some kind of tool,” Troy Luedecke said, describing the his security camera video.

A security camera outside Luedecke's home caught the thief in the act early Tuesday morning.

Luedecke thinks it was one of the same men who tried breaking in to his Ford pickup earlier this month. His security camera that is mounted on his garage got a pretty good look at them.

“One guy that comes across the yard and immediately walks up to the truck, tries to get in. Then a few seconds later you see two more of them across the street and you can see each one of them going to a car trying to get in,” he said.

Creeks at Avalon Neighbors believe the crooks target Ford pickup.

At the Hinkle home a few doors down, a thief got lucky and made off with a pair of Oakley's left inside their Ford pickup.

“He said that everything was thrown, papers were scattered so he knew they'd gotten in there,” Jamie Hinkle said.

Several neighbors also reported seeing the same man attempting to break in to their pickups early Tuesday morning too.

Until they're caught, Luedecke will keep his security cameras rolling and his truck parked in the driveway.

“I'm just going to take my chances out here  and maybe I’ll catch them,” he said.

Oklahoma City police are looking in to the recent attempted break-ins. So far, the man in the video has not been identified.

Oklahoma City police told News 9 a car was stolen overnight from that same neighborhood.

No word yet if it's connected to the attempted break-ins.