CHOCTAW, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is looking for two women accused of robbing another woman in a Choctaw bar parking lot.

It happened early Tuesday morning at the Midway Club near SE 29 Street and Choctaw Road.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Opgrande told News 9 the worker, who was closing up the bar early this morning, came out to the dumpster to throw away some trash. That's when she encountered a woman in the parking lot, who appeared to be having car trouble.

This all happened at The Midway Club, which is located near Hardin Drive.

The local club has its share of loyal customers, but no one at the bar wanted to talk on camera about what happened.

But Opgrande said the worker let the seemingly stranded woman use her phone while she locked up the bar.

“She then told this person ‘I'm going to wait in my car and that way you're not going to be here by yourself,'” Opgrande said.

Opgrande said as soon as the woman turned to walk to her car, she noticed another woman come out from around the dumpsters. That woman wearing a yellow bandana across her face, and had a pistol in her hand.

He says she demanded money and the worker's purse, and then jumped into a Mitsubishi Gallant with the other woman and took off.

Even though the club does have signs stating they do have cameras and security on site, it did little to scare away the thieves. But the victim noticed something very specific about one of them.

“The first lady she encountered by the car may have had some device on her ankle, that looked like an ankle monitoring device,” Opgrande said. “So that's one thing we are looking into in this case.”

The bar does have surveillance cameras, so the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is working with the bar owner to see if any of the video gets a good shot of these women committing the crime.

If you have any information on who these lady thieves may be, call the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 713-1000.