OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City Public School’s teacher is arrested and booked into jail.

She's accused of showing up at Emerson Alternative School drunk, and never making it into her classroom.

Police told News 9 when 55-year-old Rebecca Daniels didn't show up for class, the assistant principal went out to her car and asked her if she was coming inside. When Daniels, allegedly intoxicated, tried to get out of the car, she could hardly stand up.

“Teachers are supposed to represent and be role models for the children that they teach, and especially at an alternative school, it’s even more important,” said neighbor Erin Cook.

Erin Cook is Daniels' neighbor. She said you never know what someone may be going through.

“It’s kind of a realization that there is so much substance abuse going on, and with a lot of people you may not even know about it,” said Cook.

But, Daniels a teacher with OKCPS since 2011, is now suspended pending an investigation.

Police met with her in the principal's office and noted in their report she smelled of alcohol, had red watery eyes, and was slurring her speech. 

“It’s just kind of shocking, you know, to hear this,” said Cook.  

According to police, officers tried to give Daniels a field sobriety test but had to keep her seated because she was so unsteady.

At one point during the incident, Daniels told police, “I’m leaving in my vehicle to go to rehab.”

That's when police say she refused to stay seated and tried walking past officers to get back to her car.

She was then arrested for public drunkenness, but is now out on bond.

“I wish her the best and hopefully she gets the help that she needs because it sounds like that’s probably what needs to happen,” said Cook. “I would just put out good vibes and prayers for her and her recovery.”

OKCPS says it's disappointed by the allegations and wants to be clear that Daniels was not around any students during this incident.