OKLAHOMA CITY - A former Oklahoma teacher accused of rape is being investigated again.

Kristen Betz, 43, faces seven felony counts of second-degree rape. She's accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student while she was a teacher at Choctaw High School.

Now the Oklahoma County District attorney’s office is investigating pictures sent to News 9, claiming Betz and the teenage rape victim in this case are the ones seen in the photograph. And surprisingly it is not a violation of her bond.

News 9 checked with the Oklahoma County DA handling the case and she confirms there are no conditions set on Betz's bond preventing her from seeing the victim in this case.

But that could change now that pictures have surfaced showing what appears to be Betz and the teenager together just this weekend. We have blurred out the teenager in this case for his protection.

The pictures are from a viewer who claims to know Betz well and who states she spotted the two together at a Midwest City gas station near SE 29th and Douglas on Saturday.

News 9 sent the pictures to the DA’s office and they are now investigating.

We did some investigating of our own and went to Betz home. And in the driveway was a silver Mazda 5 van that looks just like the one in the picture. We knocked on the front door and even though we could see movement inside, no one answered. A call to the house claimed we had the wrong number.

It was back in April that Betz walked quickly away from the Oklahoma County Jail after posting a $10,000 bond. She is now out a $175,000 bond and is facing seven counts of second-degree rape.

The superintendent at Choctaw Nicoma Park schools confirmed Betz was a science teacher at Choctaw High School and had been a teacher for them for the past three years.

She was suspended back in April after information surfaced at the school about the alleged affair with the 17-year-old student. That student is now 18.

Choctaw police confirm they have received several phone calls from people claiming they have seen the two together since Betz bonded out of jail, but claim they can’t do anything because they were seen outside their jurisdiction.

The DA's office confirms they are filing a motion this week to order Betz not to have any more contact with the teenage victim in this case. Her next court appearance is set for August 11. That is when the DA’s office will ask a judge to set a conditional bond for Betz.

Court records show Betz’s husband filed for divorce on June 11.