OKLAHOMA CITY - The family of a mother murdered inside her apartment is now dealing with a new tragedy.

They're targets of a thief and fake GoFundMe accounts.

Meanwhile, the man accused of killing their loved one is now locked up.

Devin Timmons, 22, is being held without bond.

Meanwhile, Laura Brooks’ family is trying to understand why someone would want to add to the heartbreak by stealing what little they have left.

“I know she’s here right now, I can sense her,” Benjamin Brooks said.

Benjamin Brooks, still numb from the pain of knowing his sister was murdered in her own home, said even after her death, they're being taken advantage of.

It's been a tough year for the Brooks family.

“On Father’s Day, I lost my brother, and Oct. 7, my brother hung himself for suicide. So I’ve lost two brothers and now my sister,” Benjamin Brooks said.

After four days on the run, U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement caught up with Laura Brooks' boyfriend, Devin Timmons.

This gave some closure for her four young children.

“He was a bad man who have made mom very, very hurt. He should deserve to be in jail for his life,” said Laura’s son Justin.

Then last night, another blow for this family, someone broke into Laura's apartment.

“I don’t know who could be so heartbreaking to steal from someone who has died and passed away, that’s just, unreal. I don’t understand,” family friend Monica Lockhart said.

“They got TV’s, electronics, their Wii’s, Xbox, they have all their stuff, all their valuable stuff is gone,” Benjamin Brooks said.

And Benjamin said they've been alerted about fake GoFundMe accounts in their name.

At least two have been created.

“It was at $1,300, there’s another one for $1,800 that they did too,” Benjamin Brooks said.

Strangers have come from all over to help this family.

There are several fundraisers planned including a car wash this weekend put on by the family. For more information on how you can help, visit this GoFundMe page