OKLAHOMA CITY - A Norman man was arrested for First-Degree Murder in connection to the death of his girlfriend who has been missing for over a month.

Police first began investigating on June 30, after the victim’s aunt contacted police to file a missing person’s report.

Sharon McCleskey told police that she had not heard from her niece, identified as Ellaina Pechacek, in a month.

McCleskey had a key to Pechacek’s apartment, located at 2301 NW 122nd in OKC, and told police she had learned that the electricity had been shut off for the past two weeks. She also told police the last time Pechacek used her cell phone was on June 4.

In the report, police noted that Pechacek’s apartment, “appeared to be in normal order and there were no signs of forced entry.”

McCleskey then told police about Pechacek’s boyfriend, 21-year-old Travis Beadle, who she said told her he had not spoken with Ellaina in a few weeks.

Although Pechacek’s body has not yet been discovered, Oklahoma City police had enough probable cause to arrest Beadle on July 10. He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail without bond on one count of First-Degree Murder.

The case remains under investigation.

If you have any information about this case, you are asked contact police immediately.