OKLAHOMA CITY - The city council for Oklahoma City has approved a $1.2 billion budget for next year. The money includes several new positions for police.

“Pretty happy with adding positions,” said Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty.

After the added positions, Citty said OCPD will be at 1,169 officers, which is still 120 authorized officers short.

Citty said it is a constant hiring act. They can bring in 80 to 90 new officers a year, but they agency loses about 40 officers every year to retirement or attrition.

“You're never at full capacity because you always have retirements, but we will get back to the point where we are only having one recruit class a year instead of two,” Citty told News 9.

It takes seven months of academy and then four months of field training before OCPD officers can get out on their own.

“When they are adding new positions and still filling our retirements, it takes time to do it, but we gradually get there,” Citty added.

The approved budget also includes four civilian positions for overseeing the police department's new body cameras.

“It's a wave of the future,” Citty said. “I think younger officers are more accepting of that, you know, they are kind of used to growing up with YouTube and everything being on video. So we really haven't had a backlash of resistance from officers on that. I think it's going to be a positive thing.”

OCPD is currently looking at vendors and plans to buy 100 body cameras in August or July to use for one year on a trial basis. The plan is to eventually outfit all field officers with the body cams.

The budget also includes adding 21 new firefighters as well as added money for nighttime transit service.