Alan Hruby, 20, was charged with three counts of Murder in connection with the deaths of his parents, John and Joy "Tinker" Hruby, and 17-year-old sister, Katherine.

The family's housekeeper, Rose Marie Chavez, was first to testify in the preliminary hearing. She discovered the bodies in the kitchen of the family's home October 13.

As she described the details of the crime scene, Hruby trembled and cried.

Chavez said the family was warned in the weeks prior to their deaths that Hruby was telling friends about his plans to kill them.

She claimed Katherine had told her, "Hruby was up to his old act again."

Hruby wept again when investigators took the stand to explain how they pinpointed him as the prime suspect.

Prosecutors suggested the crime scene was staged to look like a robbery but the state's case suggest it was actually Hruby who was motivated to devise the plot to kill his family because his parents cut off his finances.

Prosecutors claim he was after an inheritance to fund a lavish lifestyle that included weekend getaways at five star hotels and a closet full of designer clothes.

But his wardrobe was reduced to a prison jumpsuit in October when he allegedly confessed to the crimes.

Investigators also testified Hruby was unemotional at the time of his family's death but his defense attorney argues everyone grieves differently and any statement that suggests otherwise is pure speculation.

Prosecutors contend Hruby should be punished by death because each of the murders was especially heinous, atrocious and cruel, and because he killed three of his family members for money.

A Stephens County jury will make the ultimate decision in his upcoming trial. Hruby's next court date was set for August 20.