OKLAHOMA CITY - The recent rain created plenty of problems on roads.

A huge increase in potholes was reported in Oklahoma City.

While the city has the crews to repair the potholes, and the money to pay for it, they just need to know where they are located -- an idea driving the latest mobile app.

"We know the sooner something gets reported the sooner we can get it fixed," said Beth Crounse, Action Center Manager for Oklahoma City.

‘See.Click.Fix.' has proven to be more than a catchy name for the app. It's also empowering citizens by allowing them to report an issue in a particular area and then monitor the city's progress in resolving the issue.

"We want the most convenient way for people to let us know there is an issue out there," said Crounse.

Since September, the city has received 4,000 requests through the app.

"It continues to grow every month, the numbers go up more and more so we know people are using it and we appreciate them reporting it to us," said Crounse.

The app allows for citizens to report a variety of issues such as dead animal removal, tall grass, debris, and the most common -- potholes.

"The street department has a target of three working days from the time they receive a pothole request to the time they get it filled," Crounse said.

The city repairs approximately 80,000 potholes and spends about $1.3 million dollars each year for labor, materials and equipment.

With the app, crews have been able to locate and repair the roads at a faster pace.

When the pothole, or a request is filled, the See.Click.Fix app lets users know the issue has been resolved.

"We've gotten outstanding feedback from people they seem to really, really like it," Crounse said.