OKLAHOMA CITY - Rushing water washed out roadways and threatened to flood half a dozen homes in the Choctaw area near SW 89th St., between Indian Meridian and Triple X Road, Sunday afternoon.

A dam on a private pond crumbled and broke, sending a flood of water to go down the fields and driveways, flooding almost anything in its path.

Near SE 74th St. and Blackberry Hill Dr., there are several sections of one driveway that are washed out in several places, leaving the people who live up the hill with no way in or out of their home.

Oklahoma City police and fire crews were out in the area, blocking off several roads in and around the area as a result of the fast moving water. Police say it's all because of the record rainfall that has recently hit this area since early May.

In all, about six homes were threatened by the dam overflow and many homeowners are stuck now with a big mess.

The water did end up receding pretty quickly.

Oklahoma City fire crews placed a dive team on standby near the flooded areas just as a precaution. However, no water rescues were performed.