STROUD, Oklahoma - It's called "Drifting." A style of driving made more mainstream with movies.

It's really taking off in Stroud, where drivers in their tricked out cars careen around hairpin turns. The closer to the cone without skidding out, the better. It's fast and furious!

“I always where my boots,” said a fashionable Robin Dennington, the only the female driver on race day.

“I'm a real estate agent, that's how I pay for this, said Dennington of her car.

Dennington estimates she spent $15,000 on her specially modified car just last year.

“Five years ago, I hit a wall at an event. But luckily, we usually don't have a lot of events with walls,” said Dennington.

That didn't make News 9's Karl Torp comfortable climbing in for a drifting demonstration (yes, he thought it was a bad idea). But fears turned to fun instantly!

Robin and Karl would be drifting against her husband Andy Dennington, a fellow driver.

“Most of the time you are going sideways, it takes a lot of throttle control, and brake control, foot control,” said Andy. “Hopefully she doesn't beat me”.

Robin would go on to finish second, but Andy got upset in the semi-finals.

The wife takes bragging rights.

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