EDMOND, Oklahoma - Incredible athletes with all types of physical disabilities are in Edmond this weekend for some tough competition.

The University of Central Oklahoma is hosting the Endeavor Games through Sunday.

More than 350 athletes with physical disabilities have traveled to Edmond for the games from all over the nation and even some from other countries.

Among the competitors are at least 40 injured service men and women with the Semper Fi Fund.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Tisha Knickerbocker never thought she would play basketball again after her injury.

"Losing the thing that like kept me together growing up, I got into a dark place and it didn't seem like anything ever was going to work out again," Knickerbocker explained.

A training accident broke her back, damaged her legs and she later developed PTSD.

"I never thought that I'd be able to play basketball and then I found out about wheelchair basketball and I'm like, I'm playing," Knickerbocker said.

A combat explosion severely injured Mike Wishnia's leg in Afghanistan in 2011.

"Since I got hurt, I can't do certain things anymore, I can't do sports and I grew up my whole life doing sports and now I've found a way to compete again," Wishnia said.

The U.S. Marine Corps veteran picked up a shot put for the first time in 2014.

He is now a world champion and heads to Rio on the U.S. Paralympic Team in Track and Field in 2016.

"I was going through a bad time in life right before finding this and I found this and I will say, this saved my life," Wishnia explained.

The games offer 11 sports and the athletes range from four to 70-years-old.

The games are free and open to the public to watch on the UCO campus.