OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - There is new information surrounding a metro abortion doctor accused of giving women abortion inducing drugs, even though they weren't pregnant.

Tuesday, Dr. Naresh Patel waived his right to a preliminary hearing, which means he's now bound over for trial.

The State Attorney General added a charge against Patel - Conspiracy to Commit a Felony.

Court papers allege one victim, who was never pregnant, died of cervical cancer, just four months after Patel performed an abortion procedure on her.

Several other women have since come forward with similar stories.

“Around Christmas time last year, I found out I was pregnant,” said a patient in Dec. 2014.

A former teenage patient spoke to News 9 last December. She went to Dr. Patel's clinic for an abortion and said she knew from the beginning something wasn't right.

“He had that stone cold, just poker face, you know, I'm here to do one job,” she said.

That one job was to give her an abortion. She thought she was 11 weeks along. But not according to Dr. Patel.

“He pressed down really, really hard, and I was like, okay that hurts a little bit, and he didn't say anything,” the patient said. “And then he said, ‘you're only seven weeks.'”

Patel has already been charged with Racketeering and three counts of Obtaining Money by False Pretense for prescribing abortion inducing drugs to patients who were not pregnant.

One woman later died.

“Her death certificate stated that she had not been pregnant within the last 12 months,” said Megan Tilly, Chief Assistant Attorney General.

The Attorney General's office raided Dr. Patels clinic late last year for what appeared to be patient records.

During the investigation, four undercover agents pretended to need abortions even though they tested negative to pregnancy tests.

According to the AG's office, Dr. Patel still preformed an ultra sound, and in one case, a urine test on the undercover patients.

“And he would tell them that they were in the very early stages of pregnancy,” said Tilly.

“How do these people get up every day knowing what they're going to do, and they're okay with it,” said the former patient in Dec.

Dr. Patel has pleaded not guilty. A pretrial conference is set for next month.