OKLAHOMA CITY - On Tuesday, the prosecution called more police officers to the stand in the Emanuel Mitchell retrial.

They are the officers who handled the crime scene during the attempted robbery and deadly shooting at the Reliable Pharmacy in Southwest Oklahoma City on May 19, 2009.

Mitchell is also expected to call his own set of witnesses.

The judge and prosecution are still having to guide Mitchell along during this retrial, since he has chosen to represent himself and has no formal legal training. Most of his objections and questions are getting corrected and overruled. But so far, this retrial is moving along without any major hiccups.

On Monday evening, both Mitchell and state prosecutors met with the judge after the jury had been released for the day. He argued he had not been getting certain evidence introduced during the trial during discovery. The prosecution countered they have provided everything they have, but that Mitchell has been asking for things and expecting things immediately and without following the proper chain of custody.

"In the state of Oklahoma, they are taking every opportunity to try to keep me in the blind and that's exactly what they are doing." said Mitchell, as he walked out of the courtroom after the discussion with the judge.

One of those officers was detective Johnny Carroll with the Oklahoma City police department who interviewed Mitchell in the Oklahoma county jail two days after the deadly shooting and robbery.

During cross examination, Mitchell stated he did not remember talking to him and asked if any of the notes he took were considered legally binding documents. Carroll says he remembers talking to him quite clearly and testified that he read him his Miranda Rights before their interview and took notes of their conversation, which in turn was written into his report and was admitted as evidence.

Inspector David Jacobson was also called to the stand to testify. He is one of the detectives who responded to the Reliable pharmacy the day of the deadly shooting.

Before the jury and the judge was brought in for the last bit of witness testimony, there was verbal confrontation and stare down between Mitchell, Prater and Jacobson, who is the prosecution's last witness for the day.

When asked why he wanted to admit portions of his police interview taken at the jail and which are on a DVD, which Mitchell claims he has not been allowed to have access to even though the prosecution has told the judge that he has indeed had access to it, Mitchell told Prater, "You don't need to put my a** on the stand." And then said, "You didn't think you'd see me again did you?"

Prater responded by saying, "We'll see who goes to prison in two days, and it will be for a long time." He then walked away from the defense table.

Mitchell then set his sights on Jacobson, who responded by saying, "You going to try to stare me down too?"

Despite all the tension in the room, no one got physical, although Mitchell did report the incident to the judge and reported his concerns about his treatment and his concerns about being shocked by the shock sleeve.

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