CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - A small community in rural Cleveland County that thought they'd been forgotten after recent floods now knows they were not. Heavy May rains washed out a half-mile stretch of Carolyn Drive, that runs near 149th Street and Harrah Newalla Road. The gravel on Carolyn Drive road is the main artery to the outside world for at least nine families in the area. 

Thursday afternoon, Mike Rosenfelt of Rosenfelt's Auctions in Newalla showed up at Carolyn Drive with a Bobcat. And he knows how to use a Bobcat. Okey McCarty, who lives along Carolyn Drive with his wife, who is disabled, said he couldn't believe all of the work Rosenfelt put in. 

“If you look, he has literally changed the whole scenery. It's a new playing field. Yes, yes and it's getting better every day,” a beaming McCarty said Friday afternoon. 

Also Friday afternoon, Glen Davis showed up with a large dump truck full of concrete. Davis' nephew is a contractor, who broke up large chunks of old concrete, while building a new car wash in the area. Davis plans to transport several loads of concrete to Carolyn Drive, so Rosenfelt can put the finishing touches on a new gravel road. 

Davis said he and his family don't want to take any credit, because it was just the right thing to do. “A friend of mine called and asked for help, and I'm trying to help him out,” Davis said Friday. “That's what they do in Oklahoma. Right. I agree with that,” he said.