MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Midwest City Police are trying to solve the mystery of who shot and killed a promising Star Spencer High School student in the middle of the street, just a block away from his home.

The shooting happened back in April.

Midwest City Police have been working on this case for more than six weeks and they have thrown every available resource they have on it. But they say they need the public's help now more than ever to solve this cold blooded murder of a kind-hearted kid.

Flowers and a cross still mark the spot where Christopher Johnson was shot and killed. Johnson was known for being a quiet kid with a big smile and had just celebrated his 18th birthday.

But on April 20th, he was shot and killed walking home from his job at a nearby fast food restaurant.

“Everything we're finding from talking to friends and kids is that he was a good kid and he just met a very violent end that particular night,” said MWC Major Bob Cornelson.

The autopsy report reveals Johnson suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chin, back, left upper leg and left hand. He also showed signs of blunt force trauma to the face after falling face down onto the street. He was shot a total of 4 times.

But the question is who did it and why?

“He was the joy of my life he was my only son, I mean we had good and bad days, he was a typical teenager,” said Ayesha Taylor.

News 9 Spoke with Christopher's mother just two weeks after he was shot and killed. Now, she has to drive by a makeshift memorial every day, a painful reminder that her son is gone and that his killer is still out there.

“We Know that there are people out there that know things, people that have heard things and they're talking, they're just not talking to us,” said Major Cornelson.

Police did get a 911 call in the middle of the night by someone driving by ESA Park, who saw Christopher lying on the ground. But, they really want to talk to the person who drives the truck since the driver could have key information about the shooting.

And if you have any information about this case you can call Midwest City Police at 739-1388 you can remain anonymous.