DELAWARE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The wife of an Oklahoma City man who drowned over the weekend said he gave his life to save hers.

The couple was in Delaware County in eastern Oklahoma celebrating the wife's birthday when it happened.

Carrie Thomas said her husband, Gary, drowned while trying to save her and faith is getting their family through this.

“He saved my life, that's why I'm here,” Carrie Thomas said. “He said that he would protect me, he always told me he would never let anything happen to me,” she added.

The couple was at Flint Creek in Delaware County on Sunday, celebrating Carrie's birthday.

They were trying to get to a beach where everyone was swimming and walked across a low-water dam.

However, the water was moving ten times faster that day and swept Carrie over the dam. Gary went in after her.

“He had hold of both of my hands and I know I'm here, I know he gave his last breath to give me life,” Carrie managed through tears.

Carrie was able to pull herself to safety, away from the rushing water.

Gary got pulled under.

“We know he is in heaven with God and we would like people to know to just be ready,” Carrie told News 9. “You never know the time or the second that you are going to go and you just need to have your heart right and be with God,” she added.

The family watched from the shore as a swift water rescue team recovered Gary's body on Monday.

Carrie said they are thankful for the team's efforts and was moved when the team prayed together just before pulling Gary's body from the water.

“He was such a strong man of God and always praying, always wanting to lift other people up,” Carrie explained.

The couple would have been married for four years in September.

“He is my hero and will forever be my hero,” Carrie said.

Gary's funeral service will be Thursday, June 4, at 2 p.m. at John Ireland Funeral Home in Moore.

Gary Thomas' death makes the sixth from severe weather in Oklahoma since the Memorial Day weekend.