I agree with the Legislature and Governor's decision to let local school boards decide if they want to arm a teacher or a staff member who's had appropriate training. But there's mixed and emotional reaction from some of you.

Gustav first: "my thought is the principal needs to be the first employee to take on this responsibility."

James in Edmond: "If school districts want armed personnel in their schools they need to hire licensed Police Officers."

That means raising taxes, unpopular.

Kim writes: "There should be NO guns in our schools. When you offer violence, violence is what you get."

They offered no violence at Sandy Hook, but were still massacred.

Benny asks: "How many students have been shot in schools with armed, teachers, police, or guards compared to gun free schools"

Helen in Edmond: "I wouldn't want my children in a school where the faculty are carrying guns."

Melinda in Norman says: "I'm a teacher and I really don't want to teach in a school where the faculty is armed".

Finally, Jason reminds: "What many don't remember is that the "individual" that would be appointed and the gun carrier, is going to go through very rigorous training"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.