SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - Receding flood waters have left neighbors with another concern, snakes.

“It's crazy, they are everywhere,” said Tamy Schriner of Shawnee.

The Schriners have found around 30 snakes near their home in the past week.

Five of the snakes have been poisonous Copper Head snakes.

“The kids say ‘I want to go outside and play' and we just can't let them right now,'” added Schriner.

St. Anthony Hospital in Shawnee treated two Copper Head bites in the past week and a half and three total in May.

The hospital said it has a decent supply of anti-venom on hand, even it can cost the hospital around $20,000 to $30,000 per treatment.

Doctors said if someone sustains a bite from a venomous snake, they should elevate the area bitten and go to the hospital immediately.