LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Lincoln County couple Sunday will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. 

Glen and Thelma Miller have lived in the same farmhouse just south of Wellston since 1950. They met in church when they were teenagers. Glen was drafted into the Army in 1944. He was a member of the large Army company that landed in Japan just after the Japanese surrendered after President Truman dropped the bomb to end World War II. 

The now 95-year-old Glen went on to retire from Tinker Air Force Base in 1975. Thelma, who turns 93 in a few weeks, said she had to grow up early when she was a girl. “I lost my daddy when I was a little girl, and mama took care of us, and I learned to sew and cook and all that of that real early,” she said. Thelma was well-known around Lincoln County as a top-notch seamstress over the years. She also was known as “Mrs. Cinnamon Roll,” because she could really bake those things. “I've made cinnamon rolls in seven countries,” she said proudly from her daughter Sue's home Saturday afternoon. 

Over the years, the Millers participated in eight church missions overseas. 

So what's been the secret to seven and a half decades of success for these two? Glen Miller might have just hit that one on the head, “I would say if she says yes, do it.” Smart man.