OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Tuesday, May 19, 2015 marks two years since violent tornadoes tore through several Oklahoma counties. Those storms touched down in Oklahoma, Lincoln, Creek, Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties, killing two people.

On Sunday, May 19, 2013, the first tornado touched down near 15th St. between Coltrane and Bryant in the city of Edmond. Damage and debris was reported by News 9 storm chasers.

A Mercy hospital facility that was under construction in Edmond at the time sustained damage.

A second tornado touched down at Post Rd. and 2nd. St. east of Edmond and I-35. No much damage was reported with that tornado.

A third tornado touched down about a mile and a half north of Luther approaching the small towns of Wellston and Carney. Debris was reported and circulation was observed as being about a half a mile wide.

A fourth and very large tornado touched down east of Norman, forming a waterspout over Lake Thunderbird on the north, northwest edge of the lake. The most damage sustained in Cleveland County occurred on Indian Hills Rd., between 168th and 192nd streets.

This tornado moved toward the city of Shawnee. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol shut down Interstate 40 and highway 102 near Fire Lake Grand Casino because of the tornado near the Shawnee area. Heavy damage was reported near Homer Ln. and Highway 102, south of the casino.

Another tornado was reported to have touched down east of Shawnee near the town of Prague.

Almost 100 buildings in Pottawatomie County were destroyed and more than 100 others were damaged when the EF-4 tornado skirted across Bethel Acres and parts of Shawnee.

Seventy-nine-year-old Glen Irish of Shawnee, and 76-year-old Bill Hutchinson of Little Axe, died during the storm.

One hit the Steelman Estates mobile home park in Bethel Acres in Pottawatomie County. The tornado wiped out the trailer park.

Many of the residents in that area credit the early warning with giving them enough time to get out of harm's way.