OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro area youth volleyball coach is accused of preying on a female player and giving her marijuana laced treats. The Oklahoma County District Attorney filed charges on Austin Hutsell Monday.

It reportedly happened at a church in northwest Oklahoma City. The address in court documents traces back to the Stingray Volleyball Academy. News 9 went to dorms, located behind that church, where several teens knew of the coach but not what he is accused of doing.

He's not in jail yet, wasn't home and could not be found on the church grounds where investigators say Austin Levi Hutsell is a volleyball coach. According to court documents, Hutsell told girls on the team "he sells marijuana cookies."

Those players were skeptical, and that's when detectives say Hutsell "proved it by showing them text messages of his cookie sales."

The teen told detectives, a dozen pot cookies go for $60, but the 15-year-old victim only wanted two. That's when Hutsell reportedly told her "she would have to negotiate for the cookies" and "refused to take her money."

The girl told Hutsell she didn't know how to negotiate. Records say Hutsell told her "to send him a photo of her breast." She wouldn't do it. So the coach allegedly asked the girl to just "show him her breast."

Once again she refused. That's when documents state "Hutsell turned off the lights in the gymnasium and told her he could not see, so she could show her breast now."

The teen eventually gave in, and Hutsell reportedly touched her chest, and that's when "Hutsell gave her two marijuana cookies."

Hutsell may not be in custody yet, but he's already charged with the crime of two counts of Indecent or Lewd Acts with a Child.