OKLAHOMA CITY - BC Clark became a local household name because of their catchy Christmas jingle. But this spring they may become more known for giving away engagement rings.

They have been doing their “Pray for Rain” promotion since 1998. If you buy an engagement ring and it rains more than an inch on your wedding day, they give you back the price of your ring up to $5,000. But never before have they had so many winners in such a short amount of time.

David and Darla Krittenbrink got married this past Friday. It rained an inch by 9 a.m., and that morning Mitchell Clark, with BC Clark Jewelers, gave David a call.

“He congratulated us and then said, ‘Oh by the way,' he said, ‘it rained over an inch this morning so you guys get $5,000.'”

Fortunately, the skies cleared by the time of the wedding.

Taylor and Rachel Brown weren't as fortunate.

“It was pouring, there was flooding, it was nuts it was crazy,” recalled Rachel Brown.

They got married the Friday before, on May 9, and torrential rains forced them to move their dream outdoor wedding inside. Flooding even prevented some guests from getting to the venue. It was hardly the scenario Rachel's fiancé had been joking about for months.

“He was like, ‘I got both our rings at BC Clark. We're going to win. We're going to win.' And I was like, ‘Don't pray for that. We want to have an outdoor wedding.'”

Since BC Clark started the promotion, their record is 24 rings given away in a single year.

“But we're up to 12 already this year and it's pretty early in the year, so we're sweating it a little bit,” laughed Mitchell Clark.

But for Taylor and Rachel, the rain not only provided some perfect wedding photos and a little gold at the end of the rainbow.

“The whole time we were on our way to our honeymoon we were just ecstatic,”

Mitchell Clark says they have seven more couples getting married this week and there are several more chances for rain.