OKLAHOMA CITY - We have a stormy start Friday morning with some heavy downpours and lightning. 

Some street flooding, rising creeks are possible. Storms will end this morning and there will be a slight chance of an afternoon storm. Otherwise, it will be warm, windy and humid.

Overnight, the storms will develop in the panhandle and move into the state. These could be severe with heavy rain.

Saturday, dry line will set up out west. This will be the focus for afternoon storms. Storms that develop could become severe. 

There is a tornado threat late Saturday going into the evening. This will take a similar storm track to last Saturday's storm that took it easy on our viewing area. The difference is we do not have a cold front boundary in the state with this set up. The air should remain warm and unstable ahead of the dry line. 

Biggest question for me is where will the dry line be located Saturday afternoon. Stay weather aware Saturday!