OKLAHOMA CITY - Police found the bodies of a couple inside their home near N.W. 10th Street and Villa Friday night.

Friends said the couple had a rocky relationship, and that they had only been renting their home for the last couple months.

Pastor Bruce Alton said he had an eerie feeling that trouble would come to the couple's home, and just days before it did, he said John Shepherd, 46, was acting paranoid.

"I gave him a ride, and he was saying 'You're taking me to set me up.' He was like really schizo at the time, I'm not a doctor of any kind, but I know schizophrenic, and I saw it," Alton said.

Alton knew Shepherd and his girlfriend Barbara Jean Wilson, 46, through a rehab program offered at the OKC Compassion House. He said both battled substance abuse and had a volatile relationship.

"Actually I saw Barbara the day she got killed, she walked up to me, I just had a bad feeling, and I would've liked to stop and talk to her, but I told her she shouldn't be with the guy because he is so unstable," Alton said.

Shortly after 5:15 Friday night, Oklahoma City police got the call of a domestic with shots fired.

"I pulled up as soon as I heard a second shot, that's when he shot himself," Alton said.

A roommate of the couple was inside the house during the shooting, and she called police. The SWAT team entered the home where they discovered the two bodies.

Family and friends were devastated and still unclear of a motive.

Wilson was grandmother, and Shepherd also left behind children.

The OKC Compassion ministry is making funeral arrangements for the couple sometime this week.