OKLAHOMA CITY - DNA tests for dogs are helping owners find out the exact breeds of their K-9 friends. Before we just relied on an educated guess, but now you can learn about the dog's parents and even great grandparents. 

Dog lovers call these tests a real treat. Not only can they know the truth, but also know what to expect in the future -- all thanks to doggy DNA.

Since dogs are considered man's best friends, shouldn't we want to know everything about them? Michelle Sherman thought she knew everything about her "nephew,” Drogo.

"He's a real playful, loving dog, he loves other dogs, he loves kids, especially when it involves food," said Michelle Sherman about her canine friend.

But even from love at first puppy eyes, there was something eating at her. Is Drogo a mastiff mix like she thinks?

"He was skinny, he was a tiny three month old puppy but he had those mastiff features kind of a droopy face and eyes looked very mastiff," said Sherman.

To be sure, Sherman took a page out the forensic files and ran a Dog DNA test. A simple swab of Drogo's mouth, mail the swabs off to the lab, and about three weeks later she received a full family tree going from Drogo's great grandparents to him.

And here's what they found out.

"He is what we call a box-wilier. He's a boxer and a rot wilier cross," said Sherman.

There are no signs of a mastiff.

"It was really cool. We like stood back at looked at him to see where those traits were and we watched him walk around and interact we thought oh ok. It was really fun to be able to see that," said Sherman.

The Humane society also said there are a lot of health benefits as well. Certain breeds have different medical issues and this can help you know what to expect.

If you'd like your own kit, you can buy one at the Central OK Human Society. For more information just go to http://www.okhumane.org.

Also, don't forget to guess what breed/breeds you think Dizzy is! We've attached a photo of Dizzy to this article. 

We'll check the results in a few weeks.