LOVE COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma family celebrates their daughter's birthday for another year, but they do so without her.

Molly Miller and Colt Haynes have been missing for nearly two years now, long enough that both families fear their loved ones are no longer alive. And there's still so many missing pieces in the case.

July 8 will mark two years since Molly Miller and Colt Haynes disappeared in Love County. Molly's family says the more time that passes, the more hope they lose that she will ever be found.

Sunday was her 19th birthday. For Molly Miller's family, this year's birthday was more of a celebration of life, but with few leads and still no new information on where Molly and Haynes may be, the hope for their return has diminished.

“I think we all had that glimmer of hope that she would come home on her 18th birthday,” said Molly's cousin, Paula Miller Fielder. “At this point, that glimmer is gone.”

Paula says her family wanted the birthday celebration to be a positive gathering. She says at this point, they believe Molly was murdered and she says there's an area where she wants investigators to take a closer look.

“There's not been a thorough search of his property,” said Fielder.

Conn Nipp was the last person to be seen with Miller and Haynes, but has not been charged in their disappearance. Nipp was staying with his grandparents at the time who Paula says live on several acres of land.

“A thorough search was never done,” said Fielder.

Nipp was arrested for running from police with Miller and Haynes as passengers and is currently serving three separate 10-year prison terms.

“The hope of getting her back seems slim to none to us, you now, so just for justice to be done to the ones who have done harm to her would be closure,” said Fielder.

Justice for Molly would be the least the family would hope for at this point.

“We're still here,” said Fielder. “We're not going away until we get answers.”

The family tells News 9 investigators continue to work closely with the OSBI along with a private investigator hired by the family.