GARVIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Nearly 1,600 people in Garvin County have outstanding warrants. But the sheriff's office looked to change that with a number of sweeps that put multiple fugitives behind bars.

Going to door-to-door, deputies with the Garvin County Sheriff's Office spent a little over three days searching for criminals with outstanding warrants. It was part of the county's warrant sweep, an active effort to apprehend long-time offenders.

"It's significant in the fact these persons are typically your harder-to-find fugitives," said Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

Deputies typically have the fugitives' last listed address as a means to track them down. Anyone lying about a convict being at home can also be arrested.

This warrant sweep was publicized weeks in advance, so in an interesting twist, many with outstanding warrants actually turned themselves in before the law got them first.

"Many people have called and commented to me, ‘Why are you telling them that you're coming to get them?' Well, because we benefit from the fact that we know we're coming to get them and often they want the arrest to be on their terms, and not on our terms," Rhodes said.

In one of the 30 arrests made deputies were tipped off to a couple going fishing at a pond without a license. Both were convicted felons carrying loaded rifles, meth and drug paraphernalia. The two didn't see the deputies coming.

"They did not resist at all. They complied. They knew that they were caught and we were able to get up on them before they knew that we were there," said Garvin County Undersheriff Jim Mullett.

Randell Reed and Ashley Howard were taken into custody.

"It was a significant arrest for the sheriff's office because we were able to get some narcotics off the street, and we were able to get some guns out of some felons' hands," Mullett said.

The bonds on the outstanding warrants in the last five years total about $3 million.