NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman man is in a lot of pain this weekend, suffering more than a dozen stab wounds after a brutal attack on Thursday. Those close to the victim said he distracted the suspect from going after a woman in their apartment and took the brunt of the injuries.

Jeremiah Ames is considered a hero for that, and now he's in a hospital bed with roughly a hundred stitches and several stab wounds, some nearly bone deep.

For the last three days, Travis Darling has been driving from Norman to Oklahoma City to support Ames. He said Jeremiah was still in the trauma ward Sunday at OU Medical with grisly gashes on his upper back, face, neck, head and hand.

“The hand was cut nearly to the bone when he made an attempt to block a blow to his throat,” Darling said.

Doctors are trying to keep Jeremiah comfortable, but the medication is no match for his mental agony.

“I just keep replaying certain things that happened over and over and over and over,” Ames told News 9 from his hospital room Sunday.

“At night when he's supposed to go to sleep, you can hear him thrashing about, crying out in his sleep,” Darling added.

Images of the man with the knife and screw driver flash to the front of his mind from Thursday morning, when the suspect went into the apartment Ames shared with Autumn Eneremadu.

“Autumn's ex-boyfriend broke into the apartment, kicked down the door and began attacking both of them,” Darling explained.

Police said the suspect went after Autumn with a screw driver and/or a knife. Then Ames became the focus of the suspect, Billy Moore, of Edmond. Autumn was able to get away and call for help.

“I think he probably would have killed her if I hadn't been there,” Ames said.

She suffered minor injuries, thanks to her roommate who stepped in during those scary moments, enduring something so traumatic and potentially saving her life.

“I'm really glad that she was able to get away. I mean, I didn't want to wind up stabbed. But I'm glad it happened to me, not her,” Ames said.

Moore was taken to the hospital after the incident. Authorities believe he injured himself with the knife as well. Norman police said they plan to request formal criminal charges against him in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Ames said doctors estimate the speech and motor issues caused by the cut on his face will require six to eight months of therapy to fix.