OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Zoo staff released an update on its Sumatran tiger, Lola, Friday afternoon.

Zoo staff said the tigers and clouded leopard will remain off public view while their respective habitats are being assessed, allowing time for the cats to have a quiet environment for the next few days.

Neither cat had injuries from the incident on April 30, according to zoo officials. Both are reportedly in good health.

Zoo staff said its car team followed standard operating procedures, which included a daily walk-through of the habitat assessing all aspects including perimeter fencing. The habitat was reportedly cleared for the tiger to gain access, which she was given at 10 a.m.

Zoo officials said at 1:38 p.m. a zoo visitor saw her stuck in a narrow space between enclosures. A 14- to 16-inch diameter hole was discovered in her habitat from a perch located about three feet from the ground, according to zoo officials. A permanent, solid barrier is going to be built between the two habitats in that area, zoo staff told News 9. Wire mesh and existing hot wire electric fencing will also be reinforced.