OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma 7-year-old inspired the entire crowd at the Oklahoma City Memorial Kids Marathon.

Luke Stafford from Shawnee was one of 3,500 racers and he crossed the finish line with a story you have to see to believe. Luke has cerebral palsy and uses a walker to get around.

“Little bit nervous about it, but he was determined to do it,” said Luke's dad, Ken Stafford.

Luke got the idea to run the kids marathon from one of his teachers at Will Rogers Elementary School in Shawnee.

“I like running, I feel like I can run fast,” Luke explained.

Luke started practicing with his parents by walking down to Sonic every day. On race day, his parents did all 1.2 miles with him.

“The home stretch was pretty emotional,” Ken said. “All of the event coordinators ran down and ran with him and encouraged him and cheered him on.”

Luke was the final racer across the finish line and by all accounts, the most memorable. A photo of supporters cheering on Luke quickly spread on social media.

“If you set your mind to it, you can do just about anything,” Ken told News 9. “Don't ever give up,” he added.

Luke said he will always remember that day and he hopes his determination inspires others.

“It's okay, you might be tired, but you won't get hurt,” Luke said.

Luke already made up his mind and said he will be doing the Kids Memorial Marathon again next year.